Kidnapped, 2 x 1200 + 1 x 1600 Scope Colour

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Last night we decided to view our great colour scope print of this excellent Michael Cane movie from 1971. Itís one we had as a 4 x 400 Walton abridged feature for a number of years but when I got back into 16mm I decided to e mail Dave Guest to see if he had a copy. This is the one he had, and for a bargain £80, colours described as OK, but they are actually excellent with the usual pin sharp image for 16mm and excellent sound. Very little in the way of any marks and just three good splices throughout the entire film. As it happens, this one is an American international release with the US certificate of G at the end of the film so itís a good theatrical print and full length. Quite a bit longer than the 4 x 400 flat version that Walton did.
Something weird happened the first time we viewed this on my old NT1, (thatís a spare now, I only tend to use the SLT2 these days). But please my other thread, ď Weird sync problem, then gone!Ē to see what you think.

BTW, these screenshots were from our first showing as last night i just wanted to watch the movie.

With the help of wiki, here is the plot and a few bits of info for you.
David Balfour arrives at a bleak Scottish house, the House of Shaws, to claim his inheritance. The house and land have been under the custodianship of his father's brother, Ebeneezer Balfour, but on reaching adulthood, the land and property become David's. Ebeneezer is having none of it, however, so he first tries to murder him, then has him kidnapped by sea captain Hoseason, with whom he has "a venture for trade in the West Indies". David is shipped off to be sold as a slave in the Carolinas. He strikes up a friendship with Alan Breck, escaping from Prince Charles Edward Stuart's defeat at Culloden. Breck is in a cobble which is run down in the fog by Hoseason's ship and once aboard, asks Hoseason to take him to France. When Hoseason refuses, Breck offers him 60 guineas to put him down on Loch Linnhe.
On discovering that Breck has a money belt full of Jacobite gold, Hoseason and his crew try to kill Breck, but he is forewarned by David and the two kill half a dozen of the crew before the others retreat. Hoseason offers terms to end the fighting, but the ship runs aground. Only Breck and Balfour appear to survive and they manage to get to land. They set out for Edinburgh, dodging the ruthless Redcoats. Numerous adventures follow as they meet up with Breck's family, friends and foes alike. These include Breck's cousin, James Stewart, and his daughter Catriona, with whom David falls in love.
This film was originally made for television but was screened in cinemas in some countries, as with other adaptations of classics directed by Delbert Mann, including Heidi and David Copperfield. Filming started in May 1971.
Kidnapped was shot almost entirely on location in Scotland. Places include Argyll, Mull, Culross and Stirling Castle. The opening moorland scene of the end of the Battle of Culloden was filmed in Argyll, with highlander extras provided by Lochaber High School, Fort William, Highland and redcoat extras by Oban High School. Pinewood Studios was used for some interior scenes.
The film was originally known as David and Catriona

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