Lord of the Ring two Towers / Inception Scope trailers

#1 by Tom Photiou , Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:39 pm

Two of my scope 16mm trailers i recently purchased, The Inception trailer was one i was looking for on super 8 but it kept eluding me, now i have it on 16mm and the images is pretty spectacular,
Both trailers are each on a full 100ft spool and condition is excellent, colours are stunning and both 100% pin sharp with excellent sound which shakes the room. Very pleased to have obtained both of these on this gauge if only for the reason i read regarding the 8mm trailer. I havnt seen it myself but on the other channel it was stated as being slightly dark but only noticeable on the metallic text graphics, that isn't the case with the 16mm trailer, it bright and vibrant. The reviewer also mentioned that The sound was very good but not excellent. and suggests he may a re-record. "It was very clear but it could use a little more bass", again, on this 16mm copy there are no such problems, the sound blows the room out and does full justice to the Hans Zimmer soundtrack all be it, only short.

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Kidnapped, 2 x 1200 + 1 x 1600 Scope Colour
Lord of the Ring two Towers / Inception Scope trailers

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