Serpico. Theatrical print.

#1 by Tom Photiou , Fri May 28, 2021 11:44 am

You may recall, i put out a "wanted" for this title on 16mm. It isn't a title i have for sale before, however, this review is only thanks only to the kindness of Gwyn Morgan as he saw my request and contacted me shortly after. While Gwyn wasn't selling his print, (who could blame him for that), he offered for me to borrow his print so i could at least watch the movie the way i wanted to, on the big screen and on real film.

So this a massive thank you for the generosity of Gwyn, cheers mate Glad there is someone else living in Plymouth who collects film.

Serpico is a 1973 biographical-crime film directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Al Pacino. The screenplay was adapted by Waldo Salt and Norman Wexler from the book of the same name written by Peter Maas with the assistance of its subject, Frank Serpico. The story details Serpico's struggle with corruption within the New York City Police Department during his eleven years of service, and his work as a whistle-blower that led to the investigation by the Knapp Commission.
Producer Dino De Laurentiis purchased the rights from Maas. Agent Martin Bregman joined the film as co-producer. Bregman suggested Pacino for the main part, and John G. Avildsen was hired to direct the film. Pacino met with Serpico to prepare for the role early in the summer of 1973. After Avildsen was dismissed, Lumet was hired as his replacement. On a short notice, he selected the shooting locations and organized the scenes; the production was filmed in July and August.
Upon its release, Serpico became a critical and commercial success. At the same time, the film drew criticism from police officers. It received nominations for the Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards. Pacino earned the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Motion Picture Drama, while Salt and Wexler received the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Gwyn's print is a good theatrical print with excellent unfaded colours. Wear lines are very minimal with most of the film being virtually line free, aside a few splices this is a very good print, with excellent sound and pin sharp image. This is a film that shows NY how it was in the early 70s, gritty, dirty and full of corruption. Gwyn has done very well to have gotten hold of a copy of this film in this condition, as i understand, in order to complete it, he had some minutes made up for the beginning but the match is actually really good, frame and focus is all well matched.
Thanks again Gwyn, this has been a great viewing.

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RE: Serpico. Theatrical print.

#2 by Robert Crewdson , Fri May 28, 2021 1:51 pm

That was really good of Gwyn, not many people would be prepared to loan out their precious films. Gwyn has been very generous to many members of this forum, including myself.

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RE: Serpico. Theatrical print.

#3 by Greg Perry , Fri May 28, 2021 4:17 pm


This is a classic film, the pics are much appreciated. Incredibly nice of Gwyn to share the print your way for a screening--bravo Gwyn! 👍👍

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RE: Serpico. Theatrical print.

#4 by Tom Photiou , Fri May 28, 2021 8:54 pm

I have to admit to not loaning prints in the past, however, Gwyn would be the exception for me along with Hugh Scott if he wanted to view any of ours. Luckily Gwyn is a very short drive across town so hopefully we will be catching up soon to catch up on all things cine.

Greg, as you said, this is a great title to have in any collection and this is one of Al Pacino's best.

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RE: Serpico. Theatrical print.

#5 by Gwyn Morgan , Sat May 29, 2021 11:07 am

Thank you all for the nice comments most kind and very much appreciated.
I have to say I was more than happy to allow Tom to view my print I know he would look after it like his own so no worries on that score.I am just glad he enjoyed it as much as I do.
Catch up later Tom😁😁📽📽

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