Beau Geste (1939 Gary Cooper/Ray Milland)

#1 by Tom Photiou , Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:20 pm

A classic old film and a well known story, however, this was a present my Brother treated himself to as this is not my cup of tea, although watching it, i have to say i did enjoy it,
In short, Three adopted English brothers join the French Foreign Legion in North Africa, after one of them steals their adoptive family's famous heirloom sapphire.

The print itself came on 3 x 1600ft reels. The condition of the print is pretty good, there are some black lines on this one, (a little more than was advertised), but a another clean up should hide some of these. Generally, the print is in good condition with good sharp image. Only three good splices throughout, so no horrible surprise jumps, The sound on reel two is excellent, while 1 and 3 are fine but with with a lower volume and some hiss which i for one, get annoyed about. When put via the amp we use it does reduce it greatly but to be fair, the seller has given us a decent partial refund so as it stands, the film is very good for the price we paid. Around £90 with postage.
This is one of my Brothers all time favourite movies so he is very pleased which is the main thing.

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Another 48 hours. Theatrical Print.
Bilko, Operation Love,(series 3 episode 29, 1958)

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