Adding your location to your member profile...

#1 by Greg Perry , Tue May 26, 2020 6:47 pm

We now have the ability to display a member's home location right below your avatar! This has been asked for by Mats Abelli and Maurice Leakey (and others) several years ago.

Some forum members already have this information as part of their current member profile, and so now their location will automatically be displayed on the far right side of any posting made. It is under the avatar and is shown as 'home:'

If you do not see 'home:' under your avatar, then you will need to edit your member profile. To do this, look up your name under "Members" which is located on the top of the banner for the forum. Clicking on your name will bring you to your member profile.

Next, at the top left hand side of your profile you will see the word 'edit' Click on it.

Now find the word "Location". To the right is a text entry box. Here you can type in your city, state, and country. At this point, sharing this information is optional. You may list as much info as you wish, if you prefer to share only your country that is ok. In the future, we may ask new members for this at the time of registration.
Next, scroll to the bottom and hit 'Save'

That's all it takes to add your home location to be displayed....If anyone needs assistance with this please let us know.

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RE: Adding your location to your member profile...

#2 by Maurice Leakey , Tue May 26, 2020 8:53 pm

Well done, Greg. Much appreciated.


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Maurice Leakey  
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