Extra Long Scope Trailers/Battle of Britain/Zulu +AFI 100

#1 by Tom Photiou , Sun May 08, 2016 9:03 pm

Now here is a great curtain raiser i made up of three items,
first, The AFIs 100 years 100 thrills. A very fast moving pile of clips from so many films, some great great images and all in glorious scope with superb colours sound and pin Sharpe image. Pretty much in the same style as the reflections movie but this one is only around 80ft, but its every bit as good.
Up next is the 100ft trailer for The Battle of Britain in scope, (the Arial combats were too fast for me to snap so apologies for a lack of action stills) a fast paced trailer for this great British classic. Image and colour are all very good, there is a white line that appears for just a few seconds half way through but i have seen this same mark on three different trailers so i assume this must have been in the sourced material, a superb and long trailer & no fade.
And next up on this 200 foot spool is the long trailer to the brilliant Zulu. A film that needs no explanation at all, another true classic with a great cast, again no fade on this trailer and superb quality in every way, if only paramount put this one out in scope on 8mm. up to a point this one is like a cut down of the movie but without giving away the outcome. These two trailers + the AFI 100 at the start does make a superb scope programme opener. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks i'll get up some feature film reviews.

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Extra Long Scope Trailers
Flying Leathernecks 2 x 800ft Colour Feature version

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