Aliens/The fly. 20th Century fox trailer reeel

#1 by Tom Photiou , Wed May 04, 2016 11:06 pm

Remember this one from Derann?
I recently bought this one from a fellow collector on the 8mm forum. Two fast moving trailers to two really good films. In fact as far as Alien is concerned, given the choice of the first or second film, i think Aliens wins hands down for me. The original is of course more horror orientated and is ,(as well know) very tense all the way through. Aliens under Cameron's direction was more of action based thrill. This trailer is full a=of fast moving clips with only a music & explosions soundtrack, but it is a good one.
Colour has held well with no fade, image is excellent as is sound.
The Fly, unfortunately, never appeared on super 8, this was a good old David Cronenburg re-make and was very good in its gory own way. Jeff Goldblum does a great job as Seth Brundle turning fly, and this generous length trailer gives us more than a flavour of the whole film with plenty of action, and that shuddering moment when he pulls out one of his nails. yuck.

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