RE: One Nil To The Wife!

#26 by Bill Parsons , Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:03 pm

Spot on Andrew they are B&W speakers with a Mission centre speaker, also a 10ft screen (out of sight) above, powered from a Yamaha amplifier, I somehow feel justified keeping peoples projectors in that room, but my wife would rather them be in the garden !

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RE: One Nil To The Wife!

#27 by Del Phillipson ( deleted ) , Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:24 pm

Bill I would just say to the wife that the plant is taking up far too much room

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Del Phillipson

RE: One Nil To The Wife!

#28 by Hugh Thompson Scott ( deleted ) , Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:12 pm

Tom, you have fell on your feet, a room all to yourself, get a bar in, get the lads in, get a stripper in, film at eleven.
Bill, must side with Mrs Parsons, that is a barricade, no question, don't blame her if half a gallon of Miracle Gro gets soaked up by a few
thirsty projectors, if they do get damaged, we know a guy that can fix 'em.

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Hugh Thompson Scott

RE: One Nil To The Wife!

#29 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:32 am

The stripper days are long behind me for my interests Hugh, but to the rest.. go for it Tom!

Now where is my pipe and slippers?

"C'Mon Baggy, Get With The Beat"

Andrew Woodcock
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