RE: Ben Hur super 8

#26 by Timothy Duncan ( deleted ) , Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:34 am

I have a 200' digest of this film (another gift from my pal Doug in Ohio). It has got to be the best 200' digest I've ever seen! The editing is terrific and it's quite enjoyable. I've got to get this one out again soon! Screenshots to come later.

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Timothy Duncan
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RE: Ben Hur super 8

#27 by David Hardy ( deleted ) , Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:14 am

I settled for the 3 x 400 ' version Animex /Cineavision Scope print of this one as I could not afford the
full feature at the time. The colour and contrast was okay I suppose but not brilliant.
I also have the Animex / Cineavision 1x 400' Scope version which still has very good colour.
I have the Flat 1 x 400' MGM / Ken Films edition but I think the colour is to high on this one and
it looks a bit grainy at times.

David Hardy


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