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#1 by Bert Haagsman ( deleted ) , Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:04 pm

Hello all,

It has taken some time, but yesterday, I have been able to add 175 films to the website. Almost 1.000 titles in stock now.

As always, 100 new titles are displayed on the homepage. To browse all 175 new additions, click the link for All Films in the main menu. The most recent listings are up front, on the first 7 pages.

Some highlights: a complete print of Fritz Lang’s While the City Sleeps, several horror features (a.o. The Prophecy and Jaws), a very good print of Carquake, very nice two-parters and three-parters of, a.o., Tarzan Triumphs (Johnny Weismuller), Escape from Alcatraz (German version) and Das Boot, and a few Bruce Lee features (Enter the Dragon, Way of the Dragon).
Also, I have added lots of digest editions (including some rare episodes from German crime tv series), a few silent Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy shorts with music scores, Castle Films News Parades, and lots of cartoons.

I hope you will find something of interest!

Thanks for your support!

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