Bugsy Malone 400 foot Walton.

#1 by Tom Photiou , Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:43 pm

Another excellent Walton 400 footer, I bought this one from Barry at Indi 8 last year, supplied in its original box, this was a little pressy to myself after missing the feature on ebay, however, I have to say this cut down really packs in some action & starts off with a generous length title sequence, I always feel this give you the impression you are seeing the whole film rather than those rushed cut titles of universal 8 or the hopeless letra set titles marketing put on there releases.
A lot of people complained about the missing balance stripe on Walton’s later prints but I have to say, so far, I have been lucky as this hasn’t really caused me any problems on any of my Walton prints. Colour is very good as always and the sound is good. I don’t think many Walton’s had outstanding sound, some of there features were OK; Hannie Caulder and Kidnapped features both have excellent sound.
The editing of this 400 footer is very good with obvious jumps or jerks and all the sound moves very smoothly.
Here is the plot of this cut down, (thanks again to Wikipedia which I have edited to suit the content of this Walton 400 footer), very recommended for some foot tapping and laughs, Alan Parker did a great job on this movie, I would love to have had one of those pedal cars.
A mobster named Roxy Robinson is "splurged" by members of a gang, using rapid-fire custard-shooting "splurge guns". Once splurged, a kid is "all washed up... finished”. Speakeasy boss Fat Sam introduces himself and Bugsy Malone, a boxing promoter with no money ("Bugsy Malone").
At Fat Sam's speakeasy, there is much dancing and singing ("Fat Sam's Grand Slam"). Fat Sam is worried that his rival Dandy Dan will try to take control of the speakeasy. Fat Sam's is raided by Dandy Dan's men, who shoot up the place.

Fat Sam hires Bugsy to accompany him to a meeting with Dandy Dan. The meeting is a trap, but Bugsy helps Fat Sam escape. Gratefully, Fat Sam pays him $200.
Bugsy and Leroy follow Dandy Dan's men to a warehouse, where the guns are being stashed. The two of them can't take the place alone, so Bugsy recruits a large group of down-and-out workers at a soup kitchen
They steal the crates of guns and take them to Fat Sam's, arriving just as Dandy Dan's gang arrives. Chaos ensues as a massive splurge gun fight erupts, covering everyone (except Bugsy and Blousey) with custard. Unarmed patrons throw cream pies. The piano player is hit from behind and falls onto the keys, striking a single bass note. The tone silences the room, and the cream-covered crowd performs in a final number ("You Give a Little Love"). They realize they can all be friends,

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RE: Bugsy Malone 400 foot Walton.

#2 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:23 pm

Another fine looking print Tom!

Andrew Woodcock

RE: Bugsy Malone 400 foot Walton.

#3 by Alan Rik , Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:34 am

Yes I love this film. I have the feature and its one I will never sell. It gets a lot of play. Especially the 1st and last reel.

Alan Rik  
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RE: Bugsy Malone 400 foot Walton.

#4 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:24 am

How much Alan???

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Andrew Woodcock

RE: Bugsy Malone 400 foot Walton.

#5 by Hugh Thompson Scott ( deleted ) , Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:07 pm

One of our members, "Cinematograph", aka Lee Mannering, had a part in this film, no doubt he can tell a tale or two on his
involvement, he did say he enjoyed the experience, well done Lee.

Hugh Thompson Scott

RE: Bugsy Malone 400 foot Walton.

#6 by Jonathan Trevithick ( deleted ) , Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:51 am

Great review, Tom!
I have the 400ft. It summarizes the full story really well, unlike some digests. I think mine is on Agfa stock and the colour is very nice, quite faithful to the original.

Jonathan Trevithick


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