Now thats what I call Music!

#1 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:54 pm

Hooray, the sweet sound of a purring true 18 and 24fps once again, and as said, the motor can be removed quickly and easily on every cam lube intervention now without any risk to the delicate tiny tiny tachometer generator terminal tabs.... Result!

Lovely to see that motion blur again.

Now on with the fan cowl.

Finally, some finite adjustments to be made to the claw penetration to perfect the minimum noise levels and find the "sweet spot" of penetration for the machine with both Ester and Acetate stocks, forwards and reverse.

Only wish the Bauer was as simple and straightforward to make these adjustments on!

All done and boxed up ready to get to work again!
Sounding better than ever might I add (or should that be not sounding), very pleased so far with this mornings work!!

Ok onto the maiden voyage of the brand new motor, as it's nearly Christmas, I thought I'd kick off with Die Hard. More on that later.


A bit too much light in the room today to capture anything worthwhile through a scope lens, but the machine ran beautifully from beginning to end I am pleased to say. I have never heard this machine run so quietly previously. Usually the claw noise exceeds the fan noise by a considerable margin on this one. Now it is the other way around since making the adjustments. Very very pleased indeed today with the results and my findings from this latest trial and tribulation.
It was an expense I could well have done without just before Christmas, but at least some large benefits have come from it for the future now.

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Andrew Woodcock
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RE: Now thats what I call Music!

#2 by Bill Parsons , Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:02 pm

Nice to see you are up and running Andrew, certainly nice packaging for the Beaulieu motor, if you had purchased one of my ex Noris motors it would have come in a reused plain box !
Ref the claw protrusion, a lot of people do not realize the effect this can have on gate noise and unsteady picture (depending on film type) this adjustment is often required as the cam follower wears on the bottom, if it wears on the side you tend to get racking problems, or you are unable to eliminate the frame line.

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RE: Now thats what I call Music!

#3 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:25 pm

What you are speaking of Bill, regarding the limited framing possibility with a slightly worn cam, is very prevalent with the Bauer machines. The first signs I've ever noticed on up and coming problems on cam wear with these, is the fact that it becomes difficult to obtain a FULL frame on ALL different types of films.

The Elmo's and Beaulieu really isn't too bad in this respect I've found. There is tons of adjustment on both of these brands from the framing knob, and this would be the last way on both I think of these, that you'd know the nylon cam is wearing.

I am really thrilled Bill with the overall outcome from this untimely mishap as said.
I always try to take some positives and learnings from something bad happening in the electro mechanical world I spend most of my life involved in one way or another.

I will probably need that Noris at one point or another Bill, so please don't let it go. Let me know if you're parting company with it anytime in the future but you may of course need it for your machine some time in the future.

Andrew Woodcock
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