Some new FFTC magazines

#1 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:12 pm

I've just received some new (well new to me anyhow! :))) film magazines this morning and I shall post some really interesting snippets from each of them throughout today for those that never collected them in the day's they were released.

I even managed to land the very first edition, which until today, I'd never ever seen!
It was interesting to me to find that the very first edition was only 19 pages in total! It proves what a long way this hobby came during it's renaissance period of the very late 80's and early 90's given the length of some of the middle editions.

There is something magical and indescribable surrounding the way these magazines were presented, capturing everyone's interest and imagination with these.
I have to say, no other cine mag, to me, has ever had the charm or thrill that these mags bring.
I suppose it was all part and parcel of what Derann and in particular Derek, brought to the hobby.

I will scan through them all shortly and post interesting artifacts from each throughout the day, beginning with the very first 19 page edition!

Andrew Woodcock
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#2 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:16 pm

So here it is, the very first edition of the infamous Derann film collectors club magazine, Film For The Collector.
The first edition dates back to September of 1985. In the film world, as written in early pages of this magazine, Box office successes of the time included Spielberg's "The Goonies" and "Back To The Future". Others riding high in the U.S. were Eastwood's "Pale Rider" and "Rambo First Blood pt 2"
Disney had just acquired the rights from MGA/UA to use their Lion logo to create a new attraction at Disney World Florida called The Disney-MGM Studio Tour. Construction was due to begin in the late part of the Autumn that year.

Here is the front cover featuring one of Derann's latest offerings, Superman III on optical sound.

The magazine is, as previously stated only 19 pages long, however this front cover is page one so in actual fact if you discard the front and back advertising cover pages, there is only 17 pages of information in this edition.

Also being released on optical sound (ex airline prints) by the company was another I title I am pleased to have "City Heat" starring Reynolds and Eastwood. the Rear cover (page19) advertises this film alongside the S3 offering.

The page previously also posts a very interesting article surrounding the acquisition by Derann of some 12000 reels of film from the one time largest distributor of Super 8mm film in the world..Techno!
Techno were closing down their film distribution services in Milan at the time and much of their stock was recorded in Italian for their home market. In order for the deal to be viable to Derann, they had to first find the recording master tracks for them to be able to record the films in English.

The warehouse in Milan was totally chaotic, films and video masters scattered here there and everywhere as Derek described upon his visit to meet the company president surrounding the deal.
The story does not conclude in this edition but Derek had agreed a further visit in September hoping the place was better organized.
the 12,000 reels totalled some 2.5 million feet of film!!

The deal did come off even though the story wasn't concluded here as the first arrivals of the imported films can be seen here arriving outside the shop front on a large flat back lorry covered in Tarpaulin.

Page seven of this first edition offers a competition. The winner would receive a prize at the upcoming Derann open day on Sunday 27th October or posted if they could not attend.
Here is the competition:

Somewhat tougher to answer than Barry's latest offering here and no doubt with far more entries! (come on folks!!)

Finally for this edition, the centre pages of the mag, 10 and 11 were solely occupied by Derann's advertising and marketing campaign for their "Big" release of the day. Another film I consider myself fortunate to now own, "Thats Dancing".

Andrew Woodcock
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#3 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:26 pm

I don't have volume 2 of the F.F.T.C. series of magazines to date but I do now have volume 3. I shall again post some interesting artifacts surrounding this edition shortly.

Issue 3 was already showing signs of popularity and growth for the magazines distribution base. It was released in April 1986 and featured a colourful outer and rear cover, something the first edition sadly lacked.
It also had increased considerably in volume size. From 19 to 26 pages if you include the outer pages.

Here are the outer cover pages:

From the outer cover, it is clear to see that the big push from Derann around this time was to promote their forthcoming release "The Snowman".
This is a film I truly love still to this day. It' s a timeless classic that can be replayed to every new generation of film lovers around this time of the year. I shall be posting some screen shots of this superb full length release in my Christmas film posts in the near future, but it was really interesting for me to read the negotiations surrounding it's release from the small article written in the magazine.

Derann expressed their interest to the owners of this film regarding their desire to release it on Super 8 in both mono and stereo variants.
The owners seemed apparently quite happy to allow Derann to release this film on Super 8mm when asked, however they did instruct Derann that like many, they did look upon this work of art as a "Premiere Product" and as such it should be treated this way.
By that they meant they wished for it to be given a full colour box label (thankfully!) and Derann would have to endure the prospect of paying out much higher royalty payments to the owners, than they usually did.

At this stage, negotiations were still underway but thankfully, as we all know now, the film did get released and is an absolute belter on 8, one I truly treasure.

Derann also stated it would be a 600ft full length release and expected it to go to market for the princely sum of £54.95 at the time of release.

Here are the opening two pages from this edition:

Page 2 as you can see, features an array of advertising from such companies as Walton, Delta film in Salford Manchester, PM Films and even DFS themselves. The advertisement that both amused me and surprised me the most was the one that looks similar to those you used to find regularly in the tabloids during the mid 70's for a cheap and rather nasty Super 8mm Silent projector and an "enlargement" lens.
The projector was selling for £17.50 and came complete with a f1.4 zoom lens (Schneider of course! lol), auto threading facility and a whopping 8v 50w (no doubt spaceman type) lamp!!

I say surprised as well as amused simply because you wouldn't have thought Derann would have wanted this type of projector going anywhere near any of their films, but I guess money talks I suppose in the world of advertising.

Anyhow, moving onto page 3 and the editors letter (Dave Worrall) back then, the big topic of conversation occupied that of the fact the BBC and particular "Film 86" were to feature an episode on British television surrounding the world of 8mm film collecting.
It would be very interesting to see a re run of that now, I have to say.

The contents index included such items as Brian Murphy's visit to Derann, a further instalment of the Techno saga as featured in editions 1 and presumably 2, an interesting centre spread of the Carry On films on super 8mm and another interesting article regarding Optical airline prints which I will describe more fully.

Andrew Woodcock
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#4 by Tom Photiou , Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:36 pm

Ive also managed a few missing early editions , there a good read even now.

Tom Photiou
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#5 by Jonathan Trevithick ( deleted ) , Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:05 pm

This was a great publication, Andrew. I prefer the pre 2000 editions to the later ones. I have about 20 of them, I guess. The Snowman is a superb release which I have in stereo. I might run it next week.

Jonathan Trevithick
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#6 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:47 pm

It's a superb release for sure Jonathan. I will continue with extracts from issue 2 and other early mags I've just acquired just as soon as I can get on the main computer again! Ha ha.

With all I've just purchased, I'm well on my way with these now. I agree with you though Jonathan, 1 to 40 capture my main interests in this hobby of ours.

Andrew Woodcock
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#7 by David Hardy ( deleted ) , Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:39 am

Andrew thanks for sharing this with us. F.F.T.C was indeed a great magazine.
I have them all except # 1-6.

David Hardy

RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#8 by Tom Photiou , Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:22 pm

Got a few more older ones, they are really good and i have been fortunate to have also got a few of the list Derann use to send out, great memories, especially the 8 page special sent out for there 30th year in business.

Tom Photiou
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#9 by Andrew Woodcock ( deleted ) , Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:51 pm

Yes Tom, some of those came with my latest bunch. I received another 10 this morning so well on the way now.
The second hand lists inside mine were something to be envied for both choice and prices!
If only these were current!!

Andrew Woodcock
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RE: Some new FFTC magazines

#10 by Hugh Thompson Scott ( deleted ) , Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:47 pm

In my own humble opinion, no don't laugh, honestly, Scott is being serious, yes I know its a lot to take on but, I think the
period when Worrall was in charge were the best years, great mag, great piccy's and nice glossy pages. I know Derek said
the mag had to stand on its own, but the contributions were second to none, first rate. The later editions suffered but that
no doubt was the video element taking off, many folk pissing off to the video flame, I nearly did myself back in the `70s, but no,
film is forever, " What, Gordon's Alive?!!!"

Hugh Thompson Scott
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