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#1 by Bert Haagsman ( deleted ) , Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:32 pm

Hello all!

First of all, congratulations to Vidar and all others who have helped to create this forum.

I have been collecting 8mm from the mid-1970s, when I was still in high school. About three years ago, I started, a webshop for 8mm films which now absorbs about one third of my working week.

From mid 2014 till mid 2015, due to all kinds of circumstances, nothing much happened at the website, but since August of this year, I have been working hard to offer a varied selection of films. Some 500 new titles have been added, about 100 of which were put up for sale yesterday.

The new films can be found by navigating to the All Films page. The most recent additions are up front. Please see:

Best regards,

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Bert Haagsman


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Balance stripe on 8mm.

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