eBay "Blank" Messages/Caught by Spoof Emails

#1 by Ian Partridge , Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:42 pm

"...Hi Ian,
Not sure why your email keeps sending me and people in your address book this link?
Phill... "

Last month I used html view for some emails, which I believe resulted in my address book being "harvested" by spammers. I immediately deleted my email address books. Apologies if you have received a spam email. It is definately not from me and my system has not been hacked. The emails are sent from elsewhere with a fake "spoofed" "from" address so they appear to be from me. The spam emails are sent from computers in Croatia and France. Most spam filters and mail servers will reject them as undeliverable but the odd email may get through.

Ebay now send out html only emails that cannot be read with plain text settings in Outlook Express. For instance, a Bid Change Notification, but the message body is completely blank. It is not possible to decipher them without changing the email read settings to allow html view. Even viewing the email source code, the item number is hidden amongst a mass of html, type font, and javascript code.

Unfortunately it is impossible to prevent spammers from forging "ian-partridge.com" or anyone's email on the "from" field of an email.


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