Redneck Telly Savalas 1973

#1 by Steve Carter ( deleted ) , Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:31 pm

This is a very strange film, having only ever seen my 2 x 400 Iver cut down, which is violent Savalas plays Memphis who is quite unbalanced and violent his partner in crime is Franco Nero who plays Mosquito, after a violent jewel robbery they steal a car with a child still on board Lennox Duncan played by Mark Lester. Later we find the robbery was in vain as there are no jewels in the cases. One of the most disturbing scenes is when Lester and Nero come across a family on a caravan holiday who are sat around having a meal, mother, father, young children and a baby they ask them for food which they give to them, all is well then Savalas turns up, he is cocky and mouthy, and taunts the family, finally he makes the whole family go inside the caravan, he then locks them in, takes the brake off the caravan it runs down into a lake and sinks with the family locked inside, you see the caravan slowly sinking, they watch on. The two jewel thieves are being tracked down through-out, Lesters character forms a close bound with Nero's character, Nero tries to protect him from Savalas, who is violent towards Lester and even pulls the trigger at his head, the bullet just grazing him, this to force Nero to do want he tells him. At the end of the 'manhunt' they both get it, the Lester character tries to protect Nero but too late.It's not too bad and takes a couple of viewings, the Savalas character mumbles a lot and talks gibberish, just like in movies of today, which I refer to as the school of mumbling, it's hard to get what is being said at times. Redneck is an Italian made film originally called 'Senza ragione' (Without Reason) and was directed by Silvio Narizzano.

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Steve Carter
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RE: Redneck Telly Savalas 1973

#2 by Hugh Thompson Scott ( deleted ) , Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:48 am

I too have this film Steve, it makes a nice companion to "The Human Factor", another 2x400'. The scene that I like in "Redneck", is the
robbery of the jewellers where they are successful in stealing a canteen of cutlery! For a time poor Telly Savalas was in danger of being
type cast as a psychopath in films, I think "Kojak" changed all that for him. A spaghetti western I have with him and Susan George, "The
J&S Gang", has him playing a psychopathic Sheriff in that. I reckon anything with Telly in is worth watching. Excellent review by the way.

Hugh Thompson Scott
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