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This is a small information page for new users. We start with the 8mm.

You will need a projector (of choice)

This Elmo is Super 8 only

This Eumig is a dual gauge machine with sound and can run both Super 8 and Regular 8mm films. There are accessories following this machine for exchange of gate and sprocket gears.

Here's a small picture to see the difference between the two gauges

A screen, for example of this kind, portable one.

or you can use some white cloth, painted wall (preferably a plain and flat one) or get one to hang from the ceiling. Many possibilites

Film damage usually occurs in the first few feet of film and more often while loading the film into an automatic threading machine. I highly recommend adding at least three feet of leader to the beginning of the film. (As seen in picture above with difference in 8mm and Super 8)

Also a splicer, for example a cement one like this

or a tape based one like these

A good advice is to also keep a spare bulb or two in your reserves. Be careful to only use same type bulbs designed for your projector. If unsure, better to ask than to damage your projector. If possible, use gloves or something to avoid touching the bulb with your fingers, which could lead to lower life time for the bulb.

Check your reels, if they are damaged, like cracked or warped, try to get them replaced to avoid damage to your film.

When done projecting, it's a good advice to let the bulb cool down before you move your projector.

Clean your film gate regularly

A brush like this is fine to get the dust or hairs off the gate.

The whole film path should be kept clean and often an can of air would do a bit of good, but consider with a cleaning liquid if it's really bad.

To be continued

Can anyone manipulate a picture of a projector and explain all the parts? Take up arm, lens, lamp, lamp house, gate and such. Do need several pictures I assume, to show where the gate is, and the film path perhaps?

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