Hello to all!

#1 by Osi Osgood , Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:35 pm

Just thought I'd say "Hi" ..... Hi!

Being a member of two other forums and a moderator on one of those two, I'm not sure as to how often i can post on here, but I wish one and all the absolute best, Keep on collecting!

... and, since it's my inagural post ...

WANTED "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" Super 8 optical sound feature!

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Osi Osgood  
Osi Osgood
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RE: Hello to all!

#2 by Gwyn Morgan , Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:37 pm

Hi and welcome Osi

Gwyn Morgan  
Gwyn Morgan
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RE: Hello to all!

#3 by Tim Duncan ( deleted ) , Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:22 am

Hi Osi! :-) I'm sure everyone here will agree...post as often as you wish! Glad to see you here!

The following members like this: Vidar Olavesen and Eivind Mork
Tim Duncan

RE: Hello to all!

#4 by Douglas Warren ( deleted ) , Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:49 pm

Welcome aboard Osi! Good to see you here and enjoy!

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Douglas Warren

RE: Hello to all!

#5 by Tom Photiou , Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:19 pm

hey Osi, how ya doin

Have i told anyone i'm after Die Hard?

Tom Photiou
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A warm Welcome to Osi

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